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Thursday, March 23, 2006


The Tip Sheet: Ricky Martin Loves The French

Culled from the farthest reaches of Blogistan:

- The MTV Video Music Awards will return to New York this year, which means Miami is officially uncool. [Gothamist]
- Ricky Martin has a new duet with a French male singer you've never heard of boyfriend. [Oh La La Paris]
- Kelly Clarkson versus Carrie Underwood in a steel cage deathmatch? Hell yeah. Whoop dat trick, Kelly. [Popwatch]
- New York has lost its collective mind over the new Trader Joe's. Enjoy your chocolate pussy. [Tomato Diaries]
- Paula Abdul is NOT, we repeat NOT, a crack addict. She just plays one on TV. [MSNBC]
- Leapfrog is more fun when you're using giant stone penises. Trust us. [Screenhead]
- Gee Mom, squashing individual freedoms and illegally wiretapping sure is fun! [Patriot Act: The Board Game]
- "99 Luftballoons." Played over and over and over. Is VH1 trying to kill us? [Defamer]
- New York Times theatre critic Ben Brantley says "don't listen to the critics." We say: sorry, what did you say? [NewYorkology]

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