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Monday, March 27, 2006


This Week In Modern Fabulousity - March 27, 2006

With the Accuweather forecasts showing warming temperatures across the country and MTV covering the booty-shaking of Spring Break, the signs cannot be ignored: spring has officially sprung. Today four of the Mod Fab Six celebrate the season's return across the globe. Grab your flip flops and sunglasses, and join us on the beach. (Oh wait, that's summer. Dang.)

Melissa recommends: Andrew Wyeth: Memory and Magic
March 29-July 16, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Wyeth's paintings are infused with light and a deceptive simplicity. After a very dark winter, I can think of nothing I need more than light and simplicity. However, I'm mostly going for a up close and personal view of "Christina's World" - a painting that has haunted me ever since someone brought a print of it in for Art Goes To School when I was in the third grade.

Dr. S recommends: Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival)
April 29-30, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden
The festival celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary this year, as if one needed further prompting to make the trip to Brooklyn and stroll about gazing at those ineffably lovely pink flowers. The place will be packed, but it won't matter; the flowers are beautiful, and simply wandering about, gazing graciously, is good for the springtime soul. If you've never been, you can't even imagine. For those of you in NYC, it's such an easy trip that those of us outside the city can only envy; hop the 2/3 to Eastern Parkway, and you'll be there. After you've imbibed the flowers' beauty for awhile, wander around in the Brooklyn Museum, particularly if you haven't been there since they opened after the renovations.

Par3182 recommends: Aussie Rules Football
Spring means one thing to me - my birthday. September 26. Which is a looong way off, so I'm celebrating the beginning of Autumn by turning my clocks back and readying myself for the opening weekend of the Aussie Rules season and, more importantly, weekly dates with my pretend boyfriend Paul Licuria.

Nathaniel recommends: Liza with a Z
April 1, on Showtime (April 4, on DVD)
If Spring is all about transformation and rebirth I'm pretending that a certain cackling sexagenarian just slimmed down, sharpened up, and reversed the aging process by about 34 years. You see, the only thing on the pop culture horizon inspiring my jazz hands is the premiere of the lost and remastered Liza with a Z. As a card carrying Friend of Dorothy, I've been waiting to see this lost 1972 TV sensation my entire life.

Nick's recommendation: Friends of the Library Book Sale
April 22-May 9, Ithaca, NY
I know Dr. S will endorse my choice, but the Friends of the Library Book Sale in Ithaca, NY, is truly a phenomenon. The third largest annual book sale *anywhere* in the country: over 250,000 books of every possible format, from cookbooks to mysteries to reference volumes to novels to crime thrillers to textbooks to literary theory to sheet music to atlases to almanacs to pamphlets, ALL of them for $4.50 or less, except for the rarest first editions. And every day of the sale, the universal price goes down, until the last days, when everything goes for a dime, no matter what it is. LPs, videos, board games, and other great mementos packed into the same giant warehouse as all the books, with people flying from as far away as Seattle and San Diego to camp outside the day before it opens. Anyone within a day's drive of Ithaca, especially y'all city mice in NYC, should catch a ride, a bus, or a flight. (If you time it right, or you want to celebrate your exquisite bargain-hunting successes, stick around upstate for the wine tours, blooming trees, and unbeatable waterfalls.)

ModFab recommends: Three Days of Rain, Sound Advice, Brick, and Basic Instinct 2
All released this week, all over the world
Here's a week's worth of saucy events, a sort of DIY pagan rite of spring. Start on Tuesday with the first premiere of Julia Roberts on Broadway in Three Days of Rain. Then follow that by buying the import of the new Shapeshifters CD, Sound Advice, featuring last summer's classic "Lola's Theme" and the new single "Incredible". Finally, I'm going to finish off the spring with a Friday double feature: the intriguing new Joseph Gordon-Levitt indie Brick, and Sharon Stone chewing every piece of scenery in Basic Instinct 2. Now that's spring!

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