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Monday, March 13, 2006


The Sunday Night Showdown: Sopranos vs. Housewives

Last night gave us the two biggest TV events of the year thusfar: our first look at HBO's Big Love, and the 9PM Hobson's Choice between TiVo'ing The Sopranos and watching Desperate Housewives or vice versa. Our feeling? The Sopranos is the easy choice...and would be even if Housewives hadn't already become a garish cartoon that dumps its most intriguing characters. (Not to say we don't still like the show, but it's lost a significant amount of its first-season luster.) The New Jersey mobsters, on the other hand, effortlessly returned to reclaim their spot as the world's most compelling television drama, deftly balancing a half-dozen storylines that kept us on the edge of our seat.

The ModFab HQ was split, however, on Big Love...I found the sex-and-domesticity issues promisingly rich, while Mr. ModFab (while enjoying the A-list cast) was bored out of his skull by the plotting. What did you think...are you for the big love, or agin' it?

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