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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Sunday Blog Brunch

Ever so often, webfolk send me links to their sites, or recommend others. I'm tough to please; not everything is worth your time. But some are so good, they deserve to be evangelized, the good word spread across the land from sea to shining sea. And I am just the Bible-thumping preacher to do it:. Heretowith:

Crudo - The completely out-there paintings of Albert Crudo, including Madonna as Ronald McDonald, Barbie with a strap on, and a beating heart in an aquarium. Yeah. Exactly.

Four Inches of Ego - The home of artist, activist, and smart thinker Thomas Knauer. His blog, My Four Inches of the World, is pretty cool too.

Awards Heaven - I tried to link up to this great awards site during the Oscar rush, but it was so damn popular that it went into bandwidth overload. If you're still smarting with Brokeback Remorse, check him out. (And yes, Par3182...the editor, Robert Licuria, is related to our favorite Aussie footballer Paul. One degree of separation!)


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