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Friday, March 24, 2006


Star Jones: Boobies Falling From The Sky!

Not that you care, but sagging TV pundit Star Jones decided to get a boob lift last weekend, and also threw in a tummy tuck while she was at it. We at ModFab try desperately to NOT think about Star Jones' breasts, but like pink elephants, it's hard to stop thinking about them once you've started. We have to ask: was their pendulous gravitational pull so intense as to need the hot air balloon treatment? Had they been scraping the floor of late, and Star decided enough was enough? We think not...we think it is merely a formerly fat person who has become a cosmetic surgery addict. Can this woman be any more obvious about how much she dislikes herself?

Her barely-closeted husband, Al Reynolds, couldn't be at Star's bedside for her weekend uplift...the very same day, he'd fallen down at his gym, and had to go to the hospital. Which begs the question: what are you doing in that all-male communal shower that makes you completely lose your balance and hurt yourself? Methinks somebody dropped the soap, and Miss Thing was there to, um, pick it up.

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