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Sunday, March 19, 2006


A Spring Cleaning

With the end of winter mere days away, we're doing a little bit of seasonal sprucing up. In the sidebar, you'll now find categories for our regular features and themes for posts on certain subjects. Is this a big deal? Well, it is for a Blogger blog, which doesn't offer categories as a feature. (That comes with Wordpress, Typepad, etc.)

Thanks to the genius Amit at Labelr, however, we can now join the ranks of the user-friendly. Each theme -- theatrically-centered Stage Addiction, luxury-oriented Capitalist Porn, and of course your favorite Hot Guys (no cutesy name needed) -- has its own readable page and RSS feed. We assume, of course, that you're already subscribing to us via easy-to-use blogreaders like Bloglines, Kinja, Feedburner, Newsgator, Yahoo!, or another service. But if you want to group your fabulousity, you now can. Enjoy.

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