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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Six Alert: Slumming at the Whitney Biennial

The art world's most intriguing clusterfuck, the Whitney Biennial, opens on Thursday packed with works by America's most controversial new art celebrities (both real and imagined). We at ModFab love the Biennial -- there's always something to love, and always something(s) to send you into fits of unbridled rage. We're no Artforum, of course, but we do have a cadre of cultural commandants -- The Mod Fab Six -- who today run down the best and worst of the 2006 Biennial. Let the critical smackdown begin!

"Hanna Liden's Seventh Seal-isms are interesting, but I've still gotta go with Marilyn Minter as my favorite, especially for this series of mouth portraits. The colors, tension, sooty textures, and iconography in these images combine into something like visual renderings of PJ Harvey songs, from her wild flamenco-harlot period, and that is an excellent, excellent thing."

Dr. S:
"Lisa Lapinski. Because I want to be an installation artist when I grow up. And because she's introduced me to Shaker gift drawings; any genre that involves "frenzied, psychedelic outbursts of religious ecstasy" is one I want to check out, and any installation that involves the deconstruction of said ecstasy, by way of imploding and reconfiguring furniture, is one I want to get closer to."

"In a gesture of both homage and protest to NYCentrism, MrStinky and I will not be thinking about the Whitney Biennial on Friday as we take a good gander at a very different show now up at the Museum of Fine Art in Santa Fe, Native Pop. That said, being a NYCentric snob in spite of my provincial provenance, I must confess a thrilled curiosity about Francesco Vezzolli's much-hyped short film "Trailer for a Remake of Gore Vidal's Caligula" (its the fauxthentic surround that really piques), not to mention a real interest in the giddy/gaudy/gorey irreality of Marilyn Minter's work."

"Whitney B. and I broke up during our first date six years ago when it demanded I participate in an orgy whilst I expressed my preference for one artist at a time, *thank you very much*! Whitney B is nothing if not persistent and I've finally accepted a second date: The Bernadette Corporation's composite artist Reena Spaulings is our compromise: A little fictional one-on-one for me, some group action for my Whitney B."

"To paraphrase my personal hero and role model, Charles Montgomery Burns: I don't know much about art but I know what I hate...and I do hate these. If art is meant to provoke I guess it's a tie between Anthony Burdin and Trisha Donnelly: their bios are enough to provoke me into wanting to slap them silly and tell them to get a real job. I'd also like to congratulate Gedi Sibony for having the balls to lean some hollow-core doors and commercial carpet against a wall and call it art. What a freakin' scam."

"I love Monet and I love Seurat and I was bored out of my skull at at both the Tate Modern and MOMA, but I was absolutely fascinated by Mark Bradford's paintings. Out of all of them, he's the only one whose work I would actively seek out."

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