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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Project Runway: Brokeback Vosovic

For the second time in a week, gays suffered a stunning loss in a art form they should, by all rights, dominate the shit out of. But unlike Ennis and Jack's loss at the Oscars, it's very hard to work up any animosity to Chloe Dao, the spritely little pixie who narrowly beat ModFab favorite Daniel Vosovic during the finale of Project Runway. Her collection was erratic, in our opinion -- as many hits as misses -- but she lucked out by designing evening wear for tall, thin, boob-less women, and then having Debra Messing as a guest judge. (Tall. Thin. Boob-less.)

We're reminded that we picked Chloe as one of our favorites after the first episode, and in truth, we always liked her. But ModFab wonders if she'll really be "the next big designer," which would require her to leave the small-pond confines of Houston and join one of the big fashion centers of New York, London, or Paris. We hope, too, that Daniel finds his way to begin his own line...if we had the cash, babe, we'd fork it over in a second. (As for Santino, we don't buy his 11th-hour subtlety or niceness, and hope he fades into well-deserved obscurity.)

Sad that the show is over. The producers of Project Runway are masters of character and editing, and they gave us our favorite reality experience of the year. We can't wait until next December, when they return to once again blow our skirt up.

One last glimpse back:
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