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Saturday, March 04, 2006


The ModFab Gallery: Karmative Edition

Aww, you went and got all plaintive and thoughtful on me! Readers chose Eyes Wide Shut's untitled boat photo as the winner of last week's Best In Show. Looks like something out of a Matthew Barney film (or Pasolini), doesn't it?

Featured PhotoBlog of the Week:
Karmative / "Mic Check"

Chris at Karmative has a successful commercial photography career...but everyone needs to get away from work now and then, and this gorgeous photoblog seems made to order. Chris' work reveals a chameleon capable of shooting in many forms (portraits, landscapes, contemporary, classic); I'm drawn to the experiments in focus, including "Mic Check" (above) and "Freeze", which was nominated for ModFab's Best Photo of 2005 last year. Unlike most photobloggers, you can take a little piece of Karmative home with you...one day, I'll be owning a print of that show myself.

And now, viewers...time for you to pick the Best In Show!

Beyond Monochrome: Aunt Bernice
Bridge and Tunnel: Where Is Everyone?
Chromasia: Stopping Traffic
East 3rd Photography: Green Curve
Mexican Pictures: Salon Chi Chi
Moodaholic: Card Reader
More Human: Parade
Mute: Parkour Jumps
Never Happen: Nursery
No Words: Something Different 2
Peaceman's Pixel: The Color of Music
Round Here: Muse
Smudo: Self
Treemeat: Waiting For Wordsworth
While Seated: Names of the Dead

To vote for Best In Show, e-mail the name of your favorite photo listed above at modern.fabulousity@gmail.com, or leave your pick in the comments below. The winner will be announced in next week's edition. Enjoy!

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