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Saturday, March 11, 2006


The ModFab Gallery: Beyond Monochrome

This week's contestants, last week's winner, and more after the jump:

Featured PhotoBlog of the Week:
Beyond Monochrome / "Aunt Bernice"

While we know that every photoblogger in the world can take pictures of a bored girlfriend or odd homeless person, it's extremely rare to find a truly talented portraitist. Beyond Monochrome is the gold standard, in my opinion; Austin-based photographer Walker Pickering enlivens his subjects through a careful observation of behavior, propelling a simple portrait into something approaching a visual short story or dramatic playlet. His series featuring Joe, a close friend with Down's Syndrome, is a perfect example of image-based storytelling. If photography is about capturing our world under a magnifying lens, Beyond Monochrome is its most elegant execution: the nuance of living a day, a moment, or a lifetime.

And now, viewers...time for you to pick the Best In Show!

Analog Photography: Weird, I Keep Taking Pictures of Feet
CameraEye: Tibetan Sky Burial
The Dark Room: Flower
Double Crossed: Ray, Transported.
Express Train: Pacific Street, 6:45pm
Hello: Wild on Queen
John Washington: Wilted
Learning To See: Untitled (Gymnasts)
Life Inchoate: Perfect
Mexican Pictures: Zapateros
Nighthawks: Parked Car
Nitifixis: Presence
No Traces: The House of MJ
Parallels: The Descent Into Darkness (Part Four)
Photo+Addiction: "Baby Killers"
thephotokid: No Bikes
Steve Rutherford: Taxis
Shahin Edalati: Hands
Shrued: Stars, Stripes and Blanks
Talcum: Feet
That...Was My Foot: Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Treemeat: Baby Brother


Card Reader

I realize I said this only three week's ago, but I believe that the 22 offerings in this week's ModFab Gallery are the best we've ever had...truly stunning work, gang. Check out the links above and vote for this week's Best In Show: e-mail the name of your favorite photo listed above at modern.fabulousity@gmail.com, or leave your pick in the comments below. The winner will be announced in next week's edition. Enjoy!

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