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Monday, March 27, 2006


The ModFab Dry T-Shirt Contest

Wanna win a free t-shirt? Yeah, we thought so.

We're sprucing up the ole' ModFab Boutique, and are looking to add some of those snarky, hilariously cynical catchphrases that all the kids go crazy for. We've got ideas, but you ModFabulous Ones might think up brilliant things we have only begun to dream of.

So to win that FREE t-shirt, send us a slogan that somehow incorporates our site name (example: "Modern Fabulousity: more fun than a bag of wet cats"). We're going to use all of the funniest and most innovative, but the slogan/catchphrase deemed best will win honor, public praise, and the magical FREE t-shirt sporting their catchphrase, mailed directly to you or the bitter ex-girlfriend of your choice.

FREE, people. As Gwen Stefani would say, what are you waiting for? Email your slogans to: modern.fabulousity@gmail.com. Winners will be announced in the next two weeks, so get your submission(s) in ASAP.


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