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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Idol Women and Race Guys

American Idol last night was dull as dishwater; David at Scene Stealer hits it on the head by noting only Mandisa was worth watching. (A note to the producers, though: someone really needs to dial down Paula's medication. That whole dazed crackwhore thing is not pretty television.)

The Amazing Race premiere was a better use of last night's TV time; I fell in love with The Hippies, The Frosties, and the bedroom eyes and bulging biceps of Ray. (Mmmm. Ray.) SPOILER: I hated the gay guys, John and Scott (Stereotypes Live!), so I'm glad to see them go first. Reality Blurred transcribed the funniest lines from the premiere episode, if you want to relive the fun or catch up on what you missed.


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