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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Circle of Life Thursdays

"What is the harm of doing the right thing? What is the harm of doing our job as legislators?" -- U.S. Senator Russ Feingold

Born Today, February 23:
Dr. Seuss (b. 1904), green eggs innovator; Desi Arnaz (b. 1917), Babalu bandleader; Tom Wolfe (b. 1931) and John Irving (b. 1942), Americana novelists; Senator Russ Feingold (b. 1953), future President; and five rock royalties: Lou Reed (b. 1942), Eddie Money (b. 1949), Karen Carpenter (b. 1950), Jon Bon Jovi (b. 1962) and Chris Martin (b. 1977)

Today's Poker Game In Heaven:
D. H. Lawrence (d. 1930), Women in Love novelist; Philip K. Dick (d. 1982), sci-fi visionary; Randolph Scott (d. 1987), Hollywood's first gay cowboy; Serge Gainsbourg (d. 1991) and Dusty Springfield (b. 1999), famed vocalists; Marge Schott (d. 2004), racist baseball team owner

On This Day:
1836 - The Republic of Texas declares independence from Mexico.
1933 - King Kong premieres in New York City.
1959 - Miles Davis holds the first recording session for Kind of Blue.
1995 - Yahoo! incorporates, establishing the first-ever internet portal.
2004 - A U.N. inspection team determines that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction since 1994.


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