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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


American Idol Slaughters Stevie Wonder

I realize it's the most-watched TV show in the history of history, but American Idol looks more and more like a B-grade karaoke club. Last night, the kids decimated the back catalog of Stevie Wonder with an amateurish flair that reminded us of a whaler clubbing baby seals to death.

Let's start with the most irritating: pregnancy prevention poster child Kevin Covais, the dorky teen whose terrible voice and determined cluelessness are reminiscent of William Hung, only whiter. His inept talent-show idiocy was so screechy and grating that I, like Stevie Wonder, went blind.

Almost as terrible were Ace Young, who butchered my favorite Wonder song "Do I Do" (here's the original, if you want to hear greatness); country bumpkins Kellie Pickler and Bucky Covington, in over their heads to the point of drowning; Melissa Meghee, who is still on the show for reasons that remain a mystery to me; and previous ModFab favorites Elliott Yamin and Mandisa, who just stunk up the joint.

With Lisa Tucker being merely passable, a Final Four emerged pretty quickly from this first night of 12: effervescent Paris Bennett, electric Taylor Hicks, masterful Katharine McPhee, and rockin' Chris Daughtry. Daughtry is ahead in the Las Vegas betting; I think it's a horse race between him and McPhee at this point. Theoretically Bennett or Young (he's too cute to count out completely) could spoil the party, but I think Chris and Katharine are clearly the ones to beat. (And I'll just have to buy my Taylor Hicks albums elsewhere, because he's the best musician. Period.)


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