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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Project Runway: The Final Three

In tribute to my good friend at Six Things, here are Six Things I Learned on Project Runway last night. (Watch out for falling spoilers ahead, people. You have been warned.)

1) So it's Chloe, Daniel, and Santino. Kara finally got her comeuppance. Chloe revealed that she's still not ready for the Big Time (preferring to be a big fish in a small pond).

2) Santino's ego has swollen so big that it probably deserves its own show. Paradoxically, Santino also makes the ugliest clothes ever perpetrated on a runway. (Four words: What. Was. That. Thing?)

3) Guest judge Iman would be gorgeous in nearly anything. What is she, almost sixty? She may be the most beautiful woman on the planet.

4) Tim Gunn is almost always right in his mid-episode comments. He is smarter than Michael Kors and Nina Garcia combined. He's also a pretty good blogger.

5) Fame has not worn well on season one contestant Austin Scarlett, who showed up in some horrifyingly sad drag.

6) Having perused their Fashion Week collections, I think Daniel is well poised to take it all.

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