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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


My Blog Can Kick Your Blog's Ass

You know blogs have made it to the mainstream when print magazines start doing cover stories about blog cliques. By portraying us as a formidable but petty group of bitchy geeks, they can assert their own coolness quotient. Call it Traditional Media: Revenge of the Sithies.

It's an interesting article in some ways, exploring the development of the A-list, B-list, and C-list blog hierarchy. (In case you're wondering, you're reading a confirmed C-lister....which, according to the article, puts you among the cream of counterculture hipsters. You're even cooler than you thought you were!) Although the article makes the blogosphere seem about as petty as a high school gym class (the jocks, the geeks, and moi), it does offer a Magic Bullet for Blog Success: links are the key, which is why Towleroad, Boing Boing and Gawker are so damn successful and the rest of us are toiling in wretched obscurity.

So armed with this information, I ask: save a baby harp seal blogger today...link to us, link often, and we'll return the favor. (Unless you're Perez Hilton or some equally crappy blog. Then we're cutting you loose.)

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