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Sunday, February 19, 2006


The Men of American Idol

Well, to be clear, it's really two men and three boys...but why nitpick. It's not like they were selected for their talent or anything. ModFab's most likely to be Idol-ized:

Ace Young (Denver, CO) - The anointed hottie of the season, Ace strikes me as a pop throwback...five years ago his breathy crooning would have sat nicely leading some ineffectual boy band. In the age of The Killers and Coldplay, however, can he cut it? I'm skeptical. Nice guy, though...and I'd happily give him, ah, private singing lessons.

Chris Daughtry (McLeansville, NC) - If Ace is the new Backstreet Boys, Chris is the new Creed...rock sung with that tremulous vibrato that aches with faux passion. On personality along, he's my favorite person in the competition. However.

Jose "Sway" Penala
(San Francisco, CA) - Understated and cool, he doesn't look like a typical pop star. His voice is solid, but his personality hasn't been shown to full effect yet. But any guy who cops to owning a Carpenters CD in his show bio is okay in my book.

Taylor Hicks (Birmingham, AL) - Over his picture, they should put the words "Wild Card." Because if anyone besides teenage girls watch this show, Hicks is a shoo-in. A bluesy, honest, geuine voice caught somewhere between Joe Cocker and Ray Charles, he's the only serious musician in the competition. Love your float, hope you win.

Will Makar (Woodlands, TX) - One of the many contestants who tried to fill the "crooner" slot this year, the 16-year-old Makar is demographic gold. Expect him to definitely make top five. Can a retro singer get further that that? Methinks no.


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