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Thursday, February 23, 2006


K-Fed: The Impact of Having A Small Penis

An interesting coincidence: Rod2.0 today explores a Dutch study about small penis size, the the trauma it causes in gay men's self-esteem and body image. Shocking! Who would have guessed that most men wish they had a bigger schlong? (I wonder if those small-dicked steroidal gym queens cry themselves to sleep at night?)

I've always thought that the lesser-endowed among us have something to prove. Take Kevin Federline, for instance. One might think that such a fine specimen of trailer trash might take pride in seducing none other than pop's biggest star, Britney Spears...proving so potent a lover, in fact, that she's havin' his babies. But no...now he's out fooling around with Jessica Simpson and kissing "consummate starfucker and obligatory LA cokehead" Sandy Laktar, in full public view.

Such behavior could be considered merely bone-stupid. I believe, however, that it might come instead from K-Fed's self-abusive feeling over miniscule priapism. There's nothing worse than having a small popozao. Am I right, people? What say you?


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