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Monday, February 13, 2006


Introducing...The ModFab Six!

After over 300 votes, numerous bribes, and some rather obvious illegal wiretapping, the readers of Modern Fabulousity have spoken with a clear and loud voice, electing The Mod Fab Six. These marvelous individuals -- Dr. S, Melissa, Nathaniel, Nick, Par3182, and StinkyLulu -- are your spirit guides through the misty, murky Culture known as Pop. In the future, they will share their opinions, their complaints, their dreams, and their failed expectations on the worlds of music, movies, fashion, gossip, art, theatre, dance, television, and politics. This week, I've asked them to introduce themselves to you, and to comment on their newfound compatriots. We begin with Nathaniel, the cineaste par excellence with a taste for all things Oscar-oriented:

OMG! I so did not prepare a speech. *sob* I didn't want to jinx this. I'm OK dancing under ladders in a room full of hyper black cats and improperly hung mirrors but as a noted Oscarologist, the idea of preparing an acceptance speech *shudder* -- forget it. You think I got a death wish or something?

To my new colleagues: I can only express 12-step fueled relief that there are at least five of you out there as desperate for this validation as myself. I promise not to take your inventory but I do plan to cling to you needily. Dr. S, distract me. Melissa, feed me your sweet pastries. Par3182, six me up. StinkyLulu, teach me not to fear the Southwest. And Nick (probably hyperventilating like Anna Paquin @ the Oscars right about now), well, he already knows he can pick my flicks any time.

To everyone who voted for me: I heart you. Thank you for supporting my behemoth ego and delaying the inevitable 'crash moment' that will eventually force me to get the help I so desperately need. So, um, thanks?


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