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Friday, February 17, 2006


Introducing The Mod Fab Six: Stinkylulu

I fell off track yesterday regarding the Mod Fab Six introductions...mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. (Not a good day at work...we'll leave it at that.) So here's our pentultimate superhero, StinkyLulu, who lives in some far off country that he calls "New Mexico"...as if the old one were no longer around. The nerve!

Wow. I'm still a little wigged out by Vice President Cheney shooting someone. And it's moments like this -- when visions of a scattershot Dick stagger in my lil traumatized noggin -- that I am reminded of just how giddy I am to join the ModFab6! No longer must I suffer the daily slings and arrows of our outrageous cultural fortune alone. One of my New Year's wishes was that I would "find sustaining connection with intellectual and creative community." Who knew that such a thing could happen so fabulously? And with such a modfab cohort?!? Words fail. But not really. Not ever.

So, as tribute to the occasion, StinkyLulu offers: "New Mexico Fun Facts - ModFab6 Edition"

1/ (for Gabriel) Ali McGraw, Jane Fonda, Shirley MacLaine & Marsha Mason all have homes within a half hour of my childhood home. (Tom Ford, too, but we'd try not to think about that.) A Jessica Simpson movie has been interrupting my daily commute & some Liam Neeson project seems like it will just never end. JLo's not been in town this month, making it the first in 13 she's made no appearance. The glama, the glama.
2/ (for Melissa) Rumor has it that icing -- ostensibly Albuquerque's first cupcake shop -- may well be opening any day now. In the meantime, the savory sensation of a "Fiesta Muffin" (a voluptuous corn muffin overstuffed with cheese & green chile) might just warrant overnight shipping to Pennsylvania. Ain't sweet but dang it's good. And fluffy.
3/ (for Dr. S) Many many birds, biiiig ones at that, and flying mammals, too! Bring that disco ball for night scouting!
4/ (for Nick) I do miss the Nutmeg State but being back in the Mountain Time Zone means that award shows, even the Oscars, end right around 11 o\'clock. Oddly appealling, really, especially for those of us of advancing years &/or with classes to teach the next day.
5/ (for Nathaniel) Diverse venues for your cineaste pleasures: a locally-owned independent cinema in continuous operation for nigh on 35 years; a drive-in, open year-round, 9 bucks a carload; and Century Rio -- a 24 screen monstrosity -- that consistently ranks among the top grossing movie venues nationwide yet the management still won\'t spring for projection lenses that can hold a consistent focus.
6/ (for par3182) You can drive along the legendary Route 66, stopping at the 6 main towns along the scenic route (Tucumcari, Santa Rosa, Moriarty, Albuquerque, Grants & Gallup). It's not quite likc the road to Perth, cuz there's no ocean, but oh is it wild weird and wondrous...

This is StinkyLulu reporting for ModFabDuty from the exotic borderLand of Enchantment. Seat belt\'s buckled. Protective goggles are in place. Ready for...take off? lift off? spout off?... StinkyLulu's ready. Let 'er rip!


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