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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Introducing The Mod Fab Six: Nick of NicksFlickPicks

Our last MF6'er is by no means the least; in fact, he has three major distinctions that place him in a place of honor among the Six. First, he is a kick-ass blogger and critic. Second, he is well-loved on the internet...it is little surprise that he ran away with the election for this august group, nearly doubling the reader-cast votes of the #2 candidate. And his third distinction? Well, he just happened to be a reader of elegant, queer-positive poetry during ModFab's big fat gay wedding last August. (And at the bachelor party, he shook his junk like no white boy in history. Mary J. Blige will never be the same.) Here, he spells for your entertainment, like those kids in Spellbound, only smarter:

M stands, fabulously, for Moi, Me, Merry and Mellifluous, Muy Fabulous. It also stands for Missy, Mariah, Madonna, Mahalia, Movies (like Modern Times and M and Mulholland Drive, Marat/Sade and Morvern Callar and Mary Poppins), Masterpieces, Meat, Martinis, Marxism, and Marvelous Mantras like "Marriage for Everyone!" All of it is frigging fabulous.

O stands, just as fabulously, for Oracles in Ohio, including the Outstanding, the One and Only, the Original Dr. S. D stands for Dolly Parton, the heroine and patron saint of the Dapper and Debonair StinkyLulu. F stands for my Fine-Feathered Friend, the Fetching, Fantastic, and Fanatically Fabulous FilmBitch, Nathaniel R. A stands for that Alluring Antipodean, that A-Plus Australian, par3182. B stands for that Bodacious Bookseller, Melissa, who Bakes Better Cupcakes than Betty Crocker, and who Blew Bubbles in my face the first time I met her. M-O-D-F-A-B stands for the proud Papa Smurf who guides all of our lives, the Charlie to our Angels, and for the website where we sexy six-pack of snappy six-shooters will be Bringing the Fab all through '06.


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