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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Introducing The Mod Fab Six: Melissa and Par3182

Not all of the blog posse known as the Mod Fab Six run off at the mouth; some are the very pinnacle of minimalism. Two cases in point: Melissa of Cupcake Planet and Par3182 of Six Things, who had such short (but spirited) responses to their selection that I'm going to include them together here. All the way from Australia and Pennsylvania, here are our very own Lunt and Fontanne, in their first public appearance as a couple. They'd like to thank you for selecting them:

MELISSA: I'm shocked and humbled by your choice of me for the Fab Six...oh, who am I kidding? I knew you'd pick me. I bake cupcakes! What's more fabulous than that? I mean, sure, I have other wonderful qualities, but you were all sucked in by the promise of free baked goods - right? I promise to prove in the coming months that I am more than the sum of my desserts. What I am truly humbled by is the chance to serve in the presence of such clearly fabulous personalities as Dr. S, Nick, Nathaniel, Par3182 and StinkyLulu. The ModFab community has tremendous taste. Or maybe we all give good bribe. Either way - thanks.

PAR3182: I'm thrilled to be your correspondent from way down here in the southern hemisphere (you'll notice my opinions go down the drain in the opposite direction). if i wasn't such a reclusive type the other five fabbers are exactly the type i'd like to hang out with (but only at their place).


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