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Friday, February 24, 2006


Every Time You Vote, An Artist Gets Their Wings.

Have you voted for this week's Best In Show at the ModFab Gallery yet? It's shaping up to be one of the hottest contests we've ever had, with exceptional work by the internet's best photobloggers. You can vote all day today (Friday), and to help you in your deliberations, our resident art posse The Mod Fab Six have laid down their favorites. Winners announced tomorrow.

Stinkylulu picks "Waiting (3)" from No Sauce
Something about it just keeps calling me back -- it's like those single-wides have scooted through that field to train the gaze of their master-suite windows straight on little ole me. I keep hoping one of them will say something.

Nathaniel picks "I'm Never Drinking Again" from More Human
No photo I've ever voted for has won the top prize so I offer a slurred apology right away. I love the shallow focus, deep warm color, and the narrative that it suggests.

Dr.S and Par3182 pick "Reflections in the Melting Snow" from Bluejake
(Dr. S) I love the uncanniness of it all: the feeling that I've seen those buildings before, that they're revealing to me the proximate tactility of sky, the unexpectedly clean-wiped, street-stilled perfectibility of asphalt. (Par3182) I go with [this one] for the disorienting melting snow as clouds effect, which made me look twice. the most interesting things in life are often found in the gutter.

Nick picks "Compunet" from Toshikomi
This reminded me of my friend's exclamation, after getting another computer virus, "Fuck, it's like I have to buy a condom for my computer!" There's something whimsical but also ominous about this guy's lack of a world besides his laptop.

Melissa picks "Feet Times Two" from Hello
I love to look at feet and imagine where they've been and where they're walking to. What history lies in them, what stories they might tell. Our feet can be powerful things.

Even though I could easily support "Compunet" or "Waiting (3)", I'm going to join our roundtable experts and hawk for my favorite they didn't pick. I defy you to tell me you wouldn't love to hang this in your home. Gorgeous, luscious execution of the spirit.

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