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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Dreamgirls: Sneak Preview In L.A.

ModFab's most eagerly-awaited film of 2006, Dreamgirls, gave a sneak preview of footage last night at L.A.'s Orpheum Theatre (you know, the one where American Idol holds its semifinals). Some musical numbers for the film are being shot there, and Dark Horizons has the glowing insider report on the footage:

All of us got treated to a performance of the song "Step Into The Bad Side". Initially we saw a few scant seconds of footage of Jamie Foxx and two other guys starting the song as a dance around the back entrance of that very theatre. As we watched, we got to see the song continue on the stage where the Dreamettes in glittering red dresses sang whilst wildly kicking backup dancers in suits performed all sorts of gravity-defying action in the background.

Famed choreographer Fatima Robinson (Black Eyed Peas, Will Smith, Prince) has done all the dance numbers that will be seen in the film, landing the job after putting together a winning test tape done to this very song which the filmmakers loved.

Responses ranged from impressed to uber-excited....
Many were also impressed by B-roll footage of behind the scenes action playing on screens around the party tent, along with the various lush costumes and mini models of the sets in the film which were on display. Most of these models were recreations of lavish performances arenas from the biggest days of Motown, and all will be seen in the final product.

[More at Dark Horizons]


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