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Saturday, January 21, 2006


The ModFab Gallery: Weightless Edition

Last week's ModFab Gallery competition for Best In Show was won by a shot that surprised me...not that I don't have faith in you all, understand, but it seems to me an unlikely choice given the showiness of the recent winning photos. The prize goes to Positive Negative's BCF, a wonderful choice and a sublime, understated work. Congratulations!

Featured PhotoBlog of the Week:
Weightless / "Barrier Down"

James Coglan is a 21-year-old Physics student at Jesus College, Oxford...but the world at large probably knows him better through Weightless, his elegantly formalist photoblog. James captures a wide canvas -- much of Europe, really -- with a street-level view on the sociological moment at hand. Whether the subject is speeding commuters on the London Underground, an animal rights demonstration (the photo above), a desolate Austrian traffic intersection, or the square stolidity of a castle in Prague, the photos explore the interaction (or lack of interaction) between the individual and the environment. There's a serene, quiet beauty to his photos...not showoffy, just still and present. A sense of floating in space. Perhaps that's why the blog is called Weightless, eh?

Analog: CourtKNEE
Bartek's Blog: Focused
Blue Hour: The Door's Always Open
Blue Hour: Sunday Service
CameraEye: Day Seven
Dark Shapes: Untitled
Digital Apoptosis: Chinese Mugshot
DockWalker: Swings
Double Crossed: Enter The Exotic World Museum
Gorin-Images: Sod Farm Composition #1
Joe's NYC: American Museum of Natural History
No Traces: Thanks
One Frame at a Time: Last Day
Parallels: It's Not Long To Go Now
PhotoFlavor: Whisp
Shahin Edalati: Backlight
Standard Issue: Anaheim Mighty Ducks on the Canal
Staring at the Sun: Stranded V
Sunghooncho: TCM Tree
That Was My Foot: Eleven Needles
While Seated: Chair Stander, Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco

To vote for Best In Show, e-mail the name of your favorite photo listed above at modern.fabulousity@gmail.com, or leave your pick in the comments below. The winner will be announced in next week's edition. Enjoy!

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