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Saturday, January 28, 2006


The ModFab Gallery: Ferocious Cheese Edition

The contest to name last week's ModFab Gallery Best In Show winner wasn't even a contest at all...in the biggest landslide we've ever had, Analog's CourtKNEE sailed past the other entrants to a decisive win. (It also just happens to be a superb photo, which may have had something to do with it.) Congratulations!

Featured PhotoBlog of the Week:
Ferocious Cheese / "Katherine"

Never accuse Chicago photoblogger Nick Feder of lacking whimsy....this is the man, after all, who cattily named his own site Ferocious Cheese. And certainly his gorgeous portraits often hint at the humor inherent in posed photography. But this sense of fun merely enlivens the intimate perception he applies to his subjects, where we can imagine entire dramas (or comedies) going on behind their Mona Lisa-esque stares. Feder's work is less about mystery and more about wonder...the exciting breadth of possibilities of life, evident in the gleam of a woman's eye. Ferocious? Okay maybe. Cheesy? Not on your life. Unless we're talking really expensive, delicious brie. Mmmmm.

This week's ModFab Gallery is, I think, amazing. Some truly astonishing stuff here. I think you'll find it very tough to pick a Best In Show!

Diopter: Juan Bobo
IPlog: Shower
Talcum: Pause
The Snowsuit Effort: Wayne
Shahin Edalati: Beached
Ephemera: Topless
Joe's NYC: Lexington Avenue
Noushin Blog: Jewels
Delineated: TV Rots Your Brain
Zendom: Route 9, Abandoned House
While Seated: Hands of the Religious Right #3
Shazeen Samad: Sleeping With The Past
Phototext: Globe
Karmative: Tandem
Spekter: Oskar
ZoomVienna: Modern Art Viewing
TheFotokid: The Bells
Photographii: Untitled (Lamps)
3AM From Kyoto: Thought - Part 2
Urban Views: Untitled 2
Never Happen: Palm Stand

To vote for Best In Show, e-mail the name of your favorite photo listed above at modern.fabulousity@gmail.com, or leave your pick in the comments below. The winner will be announced in next week's edition. Enjoy!

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