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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Golden Globes: The Good, The Bad, and the Gay

Suffering from a 101-degree fever, I nevertheless made it to Nathaniel's to enjoy the Golden Globes last night. I can't tell if I enjoyed the show more or Will's zinging one-liners. (Shout out to you, Will!) As a result, I didn't live-blog it...but plenty of others did, including Popwatch, The Malcontent, and Gothamist. Brilliant at Breakfast gives out her own Golden Boob Awards, including honoring Clint Eastwood with the Too Much Botox Award. To which we can only nod and agree vigorously. When Dirty Harry starts to resemble Nicolette Sheridan, there's no hope for America anymore.

There were only two real surprises last night, one a shocker (Rachel Weisz winning Supporting Actress for The Constant Gardener) and one a pleasant surprise (George Clooney's supporting win for Syriana). I think Weisz was the best thing about Gardener, so I can see that....but her dress was an abomination.

Speaking of:

Best Dressed: Sarah Jessica Parker, Terrence Howard
Worst Dressed: Mira Sorvino and Charlize Theron (tie), Peter Jackson

Most Annoying Oscar Trend: The Year of the Gay. Expect to hear this repeated ad naseum, due to Brokeback, Transamerica, and Capote. But three films do not make a trend, people. You could just as easily call it the Year of the Country Folk (Brokeback, Walk The Line, A History of Violence and North Country), or the Year of the Effete Novelist (Capote, The Squid and the Whale), or, God forbid, the Year of the Overblown Literary Adaptation (Narnia, Constant Gardener, Pride and Prejudice, Memoirs of a Geisha, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Proof, Breakfast on Pluto, Brokeback, Munich). But I guess none of those have as much incendiary appeal as The Year The Queers Took Over The Planet And Held Your Children Hostage.


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