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Friday, January 20, 2006


Friday Hot Guy Blogging: Vivek Oberoi

Better minds can debate whether Vivek Oberoi is Bollywood's most talented leading man. I do feel more than qualified, however, to crown him Bollywood's hottest. (Sadly, it seems that Indian movie stars don't ever take off their shirts for publicity photos...so you'll have to settle for that tantalizing tuft of manfur peeking out of his shirt collar. Wuff!) If you're not familiar with Vivek's work, a trip to NetFlix will let you feast your eyes on his radiant smile and muscular, um, thighs. I recommend his accalimed dramatic debut Company, the award-winning romance Saathiya, the Tracy-and-Hepburnish Kyun! Ho Gaya Na (with goddess Aishwarya Rai in the Hepburn role), and Kisna: The Warrior Poet. And yes, those piercingly gorgeous eyes are even harder to resist on film.


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