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Thursday, December 29, 2005


ModFabulous: Best Photoblogs of 2005

There are thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of photoblogs. And most of them -- filled with shots of nature trails / sunsets / odd buildings / beloved pets / pretty flowers / precocious children -- are boring as hell. But slogging through the mess is worth the hunt; like a gold prospector, there are stunning finds to be found among the detritus, photographers who could comfortably sit in museums all over the world. In 2005, I went from being a fan to being a champion of the form...and I hope that I can repay them for the sublime escapist thrills I get from their work each and every day.

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order): Chromasia, Daily Dose of Imagery, Daily Snap, Gotham Pixel, LondonRubbish, Monochrome VX400, Rabid Praxis, That...Was My Foot, Treemeat, and Worksongs

10. Outafocus
Amazing what can be achieved simply by futzing with our ability to focus. Susan Burnstine's work achieves my favorite three s-adjectives: stark, simple, and stunning.

9. Dark Shapes
Finding the unreal in the real, the portraits seem to capture hometown life and mythic fantasy all at once.

8. Ancient Imagery of the Future
Pungent monochromatic slices of drama and comedy show us a London rarely captured on celluloid. Maybe the most entertaining photoblog in existence.

7. Round Here
Mies van der Rohe once said that "God is in the details." I bet he'd be pretty blown away by Round Here, which takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary through nothing more than close inspection (and introspection.)

6. Mute
What can't Miles Story do? At MUTE, you can find landscapes, still lifes, action shots, sports photos, portraits, and many other genres. The common thread? All are executed with precision, passion, and a gorgeous sense of composition.

5. Momentanea
Mexico's finest photoblog seems to burst with color, radiant and blindingly beautiful. Life has rarely been made to look so divine.

4. Express Train
Travis Ruse's experiment in subject -- the New York subways -- reveals the panoramic human experience in all its glory. Who knew the morning commute could tell us so much about ourselves?

3. the narrative
Fanciful, daring, provocative, and always exquisite, it's the winner of the Best All Around competition...a superb slice-of-magic-realism from Toronto.

2. Parallels
Stepping into the world of this mysterious photographer is akin to falling down the rabbit hole -- the images seems to come from some wildly imaginative subsconscious, eloquently evoking a universe beyond (or perhaps running parallel to) our own. What Van Gogh would be doing today, if he had a camera.

1. Shahin Edalati
Hands down, the best portraitist currently working on the internet...but to single out this artist's ability to capture human beings would be like discussing only half of Shakespeare's plays. Landscapes, urban decay, city life...there's more found by Edalati's savvy eye than it seems possible sometimes. Whatever finds itself on the other end of the lens -- and lucky for them -- Edalati's magnetic perceptiveness will reveal its most intimate, private self. Exquisite.


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