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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Getting The Priorities Straight

The transit strike has started to drive bloggers crazy. My dear Nathaniel has had it...unions are important, but interrupting Oscar season is just unforgiveable.

I must admit to losing some of my natural grace under pressure. The Malcontent's post today about his harrowing commute included a detail that I hadn't seen in the news coverage so far: the average salary at the MTA is $63,000, with a generous pension plan that allows them to retire at 55 (about 15 years early than I will be able to).

I'm a believer in unions. Really. Workers need protections, and I understand that without unions, big business would most likely abuse their employees. I want to side with the union. But shit on a stick, people...$63K is more than I make, and more than my friends make. Few of my friends have a pension at all, and most of them have little or no retirement savings. To hold a city hostage for increases that most of us can only dream of is, well, more than a little sickening.

End this strike. Fast. Or you'll end up losing those of us who want to support you.


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