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Friday, December 09, 2005


Friday Hot Guy Blogging: Tom Welling

Confession: I've never seen Smallville, never seen Cheaper By The Dozen 1 or 2, never seen The Fog. Yes, I knew who Tom Welling was of course, but had never been into the lightweight-hunk thing. But seeing the photos at GuyTVBlog earlier this week, I was blown away...I felt like I was hit by a Buick. (A really sexy Buick, sure, but a Buick nonetheless.) Amazing what a little five o'clock shadow can do, huh? Looking at his IMDB bio, I'm struck by three things. One: he's a former model (duh). Two: he doesn't really like Superman, the role that has made him famous. And Three: he's a former construction worker with a shoe size of fourteen. Someone catch me, I think I'm gonna faint...

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Please add more Tom Welling pics

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