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Friday, December 16, 2005


Friday Hot Guy Blogging: Pierre Fitch

My secret love...tattoos. I don't have one myself, because I've never been able to think of a design good enough. But I love them, and even more, I love the idea of marking yourself, of claiming your body as your own.

Most porn stars are unremarkable tan blobs of flesh, but Pierre Fitch is something special...a powerfully versatile performer who wears his personality literally on his skin. Doe-eyed and sassy, Pierre hails from Cornwall, Ontario. (He is a native French speaker, and now lives in Montreal.) A high school dropout, he says, "It was not for me. I was always thinking that I would become a porn star someday and when I turned 18 I did my first photo shoot." At least credit him for knowing what he wants. Fitch is a married man -- he recently married fellow porn pup Ralph Woods, and they're looking to buy an apartment building together. (Two great photo sets of Pierre are at Image Event and Gay Porn Report, but neither is work-safe.)


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