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Friday, October 28, 2005


Friday Hot Guy Blogging: Jensen Atwood

If you're missing Noah's Arc on LOGO Wednesday nights, you're missing one of the most giddy entertainments of the year. Yes, it's simplistic and often obvious, but the characters are rich and engaging, and the comedy is delivered with a refreshingly light touch. It's taking flack from party poopers, but if you're just into having a good time with well-written characters, it's delightful.

And did I mention the show is sexy as hell? I could easily have chosen the seductive Darryl Stephens or the adorable musclehead Gregory Keith to be the F.H.G. today, but instead I'll pick Jensen Atwood. Atwood plays Wade, the questioning stud boyfriend of Noah's with sultry eyes that could pierce titanium. You might recognize him from his fleeting appearance in the Halle Berry miniseries adaptation of Their Eyes Were Watching God. Or you might recognize him from my fantasies, especially the one where I'm the construction foreman and he's the architect, and we're working late at the building site, and we suddenly discover a shortage of plywood. Trust me, it's scorching. [Thanks to Hoodsworld for the photo.]


Blogger Julieanne said...

oh my god he is Hot!!!! being a lesbian and all damm he is very good looking

3/27/08, 4:41 PM  

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