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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Harry Reid Is A Big Fat Idiot

On the heels of another of his knuckleheaded decisions, stand up Democrats and say it fearlessly: Harry Reid is an unmitigated clusterfucked disaster for our party. Today, with an all but assured confirmation of John Roberts to the Supreme Court, Reid makes headlines all over the world with a puny protest vote against him...thus insuring that Bush can continue to claim obstructionism when he nominates his next candidate to replace Justice O'Connor.

I realize that Reid has a loud, active base on the far left that needs raw meat thrown to them occasionally, just like the far right. But this was a dangerously stupid move strategically...to essentially commit armies to an already-lost confirmation battle, putting us in danger of losing the entire war.

The fact that Bush's poll numbers are in the toilet, Iraq's body count has reached unthinkable heights, gasoline is at record highs, Bush's assistants are being arrested for fraud, and people are dying from governmental neglect in Louisiana could lead one to believe that the Democrats are ideally positioned to make their case to America as an alternative choice. But Reid is no Daschle, Pelosi is no O'Neill, and there is no nationally-recognized Democrat who can take command of this important moment. Well, at least there isn't one whose last name doesn't end in Clinton.

Stand up, Dems, and quit throwing votes away on lost causes. There are bigger fish to fry, and it's well past time to get the skillet out.


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