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Friday, September 23, 2005


Friday Hot Guy Blogging: ManrammerSF

It's been a while since I indulged the hirsute fantasies of F.H.G.B., so I went on a bear hunt this morning and found a delectable sample in ManrammerSF. His profile on BigMuscle announces to the world that he self-indentifies as a "muscle mutt." And yes, there's a definition of said term: "We are a new breed of man--the MUSCLE MUTT: part real man, part circuit boy, part gym bunny, part leather man… A muscle mutt looks and acts like a man, but can laugh at his own periodic nelly spells. The typical mutt sports facial hair (of course) and an energetic frisky attitude wherever you see him - whether that be on the dance floor, at the gym, or in the back room." Mmm hmm. Notice the word "bear" never escapes his lips (bears are often persona non grata at circuit parties), despite his ample furry chest and beard...and don't forget the nipple rings! (Or, it seems, his constant use of the royal "we" when talking in the first person.)

My, the homosexual nomenclature times, they are a changin'. Mutt, bear, or otherwise, he's freakin' hot...and so are most of his buddies in his profile's photos (including one picture of recently-retired porn god Dick Wolf. Here's a separate photo of Wolf that exposes more than his smile, so be careful at work.)


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