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Friday, June 17, 2005


Friday Hot Guy Blogging: MusclePrince

From one of our favorite eye-candy paradises, Most Proper, comes the tipoff to a young San Diego stud codenamed MusclePrince. This gorgeous gymbunny of Asian/Pacific Islander descent has a personal ad on JockBod that lists him as "Straight" and "Single"...congratulations, ladies! Oh, but wait...maybe I spoke too soon. Under Gender Preference, he mysteriously answers that he likes "a little of everything", and then goes on to list a number of fellow male JockBod-ians that he finds hot. Well, so what, he's bi...or just horny. I'm willing to share if you are.

For those willing to tread where others dare to walk, MusclePrince has an X-rated website of himself (definitely NOT safe for work browsing), where you can read his, um, thoughts (domination seems to be his thing) and you can also see his, um, princely muscle. If anyone's taking nominations for Hottest Guy in San Diego, though, he's gotta be a contender.


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