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Friday, May 13, 2005


Friday Hot Guy Blogging: Bollywood Cowboy

Today's installment is this anonymous hottie, part of the ad campaign for Fashion Cares' great fundraiser taking place in Toronto on June 4th.

From their website: "Dress in leather sarongs and satin chaps, gold bangles and silver spurs. Meet outlaws and heroes, goddesses and courtesans. The climax is a music and fashion spectacle, featuring scintillating entertainers, hundreds of sexy dancers, daring models, and the inspired designs of Wayne Clark, Comrags, Hoax Couture and Mercy." I am so there.

Performing will be Jann Arden, Feist, Brazilian Girls and Panjabi Hit Squad. You can also download an exclusive Scissor Sisters track and all the money goes to Fashion Cares. And if you've got a minute or two, you can't miss the great television ads for the event. (Click the lower left corner.)

I wanna be a cowboy...and you can be my cowgirl...


Anonymous Sandra said...

He's not anonymous, thats Tom Welling, I will bet my ass on it!

9/17/07, 12:00 PM  

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