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Monday, May 02, 2005


Did You Know (and Do You Care) That...

...Paula Abdul may be leaving American Idol over the recent reports of contestant-humping?

...Massachussetts may not be as gay-friendly tomorrow as it is today?

...Pennsylvania Senator/Professional Bigot Rick Santorum is afraid he's going to be kicked out of office next year...and is therefore contemplating a bid to run for President? (And can you explain that logic to me?)

...that the Desperate Housewives got their freak on at the GLAAD awards...with each other?

...White House PressSlut Jeff Gannon was on Bill Maher this weekend, extending his fifteen minutes of fame by five more seconds?

...that our blogbuddy Hunter of NotThatBoy will be making an appearance in John Cameron Mitchell's next film, Shortbus...and that it's going to feature real live sex?

...that there's great news today: the Navaho's new ban against same-sex marriages was vetoed by the tribe leader?


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