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Friday, March 25, 2005


Friday Hoy Guy Blogging: Randy Orton

I can't be the only gay man in the world who, flicking through the cable channels, often finds himself stopping at professional wrestling. Often called "soap opera for boys", it's easy to see its appeal...theoretically an all-hetero thing, it's got muscleboys running around in tight underwear, oiling themselves up and then getting intimately physical with other hotties. Think of it as a circuit party that doesn't have a clue.

Although I'd been enamored of wrestling stars in the past (I'll always love The Rock, of course, and Batista ain't bad either), my current fixation is on Randy "RKO" Orton. Mmmmm. With model-ready looks and a body that won't quit, it's quite a thrill to see him prance around the ring. He's got a number of websites dedicated to him - RandyOrton.com, Orton Source, Orton Web, and his official site, to name but a few -- so you can join the slobbering, salivating throng.


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