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Friday, March 18, 2005


Friday Hot Guy Blogging

Hey, if the rest of the blogosphere can inflict pictures of their freakin' cats on me every week, I can do this. And I think most of you will be thankful, yes? MUCH better than cats.

So to institute the new ModFab feature Friday Hot Guy Blogging, I bring you Campbell Brown, one of the many cuties who play for the Hawthorn Hawks in the greatest sport ever invented on Planet Earth...Australian Rules Football. Longtime friends of ModFab know of our deep devotion to Aussie Rules -- it combines the speed and agility of soccer with the force of rugby and the strategy of American football. And the guys play in sleeveless shirts and in short shorts. In other words, it completely rokkkks.

The 2005 Premiereship starts this week (and U.S. television coverage begins the week after), so consider the pic of Mr. Brown an early celebration of sport and testosterone. Campbell's Hawks played dismally in 2004, so here's to hoping they improve dramatically. For me personally, I'll be pulling for the Sydney Swans to finally reach their full potential and win the whole shebang...and I'll be booing every time these guys are on the screen. Akermanis, be warned!


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